Friday, December 21, 2012

A Spider Shepherd Short Story

I've always been a big fan of short stories, but in the past there hasn't really been a market for them. The simple fact is that collections of short stories - no matter how famous the author - never sell as well as novels. That's just a fact.

I believe that the arrival of the eReader will change that and short stories will become marketable on a much bigger scale.

I have already tested the water with my Inspector Zhang short stories, and my collection of erotic short stories (though truth be told they're not that erotic!).

I'm now pushing the envelope a bit further by releasing the first in what I hope will be a series of Spider Shepherd short stories.

I'm setting the books during the time that Spider was in the SAS, and the first stories will cover the period when he was in Afghanistan, from November 2001 until October 2002. They're fun because they are war stories so full of action and weapons, whereas in the novels he's a policeman or MI5 officer and therefore can't shoot as much!  The stories which will be more like those written by Andy McNab and Chris Ryan, two writers I really admire.

I'll be keeping the price below £1 and hopefully they'll sell. We'll see!

You can buy Friendly Fire in the UK HERE

And in the US  HERE