Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Getting A Boost From Amazon

The wonderful folks at Amazon have decided to slash the prices of most of my self-published paperbacks for UK readers for the month of May.

It's a terrific promotion for those readers who want to hold a real paperback in their hands.

I've written before about the advantages of having Amazon promote a writer's books. You can read that HERE   Amazon have run several promotions for my eBooks over the years, and they have always boosted sales. But this is the first time they have offered to promote my self-published paperbacks.

This is what they said to me late last month.

It's a great promotion, and a chance for readers to get paperbacks at a really cheap price.
I have self-published the books through Createspace, which is an awesome print-on-demand system which most self-publishers use. The promotional Amazon price is less than I pay when I buy copies from Createspace!

Authors don't make as much money from the POD paperbacks as they do from eBooks but it's worth doing as so many readers do prefer paperbacks to eBooks.

Amazon have chosen six Stephen Leather paperbacks as part of the May promotion.

New York Night is just £5.99 for the month of May - You can buy it - HERE

San Francisco Night is also just £5.99 - You can buy it HERE

Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume 1 is now £5.39 now, down from £8.99 - You can buy it HERE

Spider Shepherd: SAS Volume 2 is also £5.39, down from £8.99 - You can buy it HERE

Take Two is also down from £8.99 to £5.39 - You can buy it HERE

The Bestseller is slashed from £7.99 to £4.79 - You can buy it HERE