Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Publishing Short Stories As eBooks

I've always thought that ePublishing would revolutionise the short story.  With traditional paperback publishing it is pretty much always the case that no matter how popular the author, their novels always sell better than their collections of short stories.

Personally I've never understood why that is, because I prefer to read short stories, especially when written by a master storyteller like Stephen King.

I figured that eReaders would change that as readers could download a single short story for those times when they only have an hour or so to read. On a short flight, for instance, or over lunch.  I have self-published almost twenty short stories over the past two years and they are all selling as well as my full-length novels, so I think I might well be right!

The four Spider Shepherd short stories that I published on Amazon and Smashwords are doing amazingly well - all four are in the Top 10 of the War category in the Kindle store in the UK.

If you want too read them, it's probably best to start with Natural Selection which explains how Shepherd got his nickname during the jungle phase of SAS selection.

You can buy it in the US Kindle store BY CLICKING HERE

And in the UK Kindle store BY CLICKING HERE

At present I'm working on the brand new full-length Spider Shepherd novel, the 11th, which will probably be called White Knight. Hopefully it'll be on the shelves in the summer of next year! It'll be published by my UK publisher, Hodder and Stoughton.