Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I've Been Buying More Covers!

A lot of writers talk about writer's block as if it was an illness, something that strikes out of the blue and prevents them from getting words down on the page.

With me it's about inspiration. Usually the words come tumbling out, but on the rare occasions they don't I always have fallback work ready to get my teeth into. Often if I find I am stalling on my main book, switching over to a short story can get the creative juices flowing again.

But where do you get the ideas for the short stories, you may ask?

Well, here's what I do. Every few months I pop over to the website of The Cover Collection. You can VISIT THE COVER COLLECTION HERE.

They have an awesome collection of pre-made covers for just £50, with many in a sale for just £30.

I buy a few, often using the titles that they have come up with, and I put them in a folder marked 'SHORT STORIES TO WRITE'.

Then when I find myself in a lull, I pick up one of the covers and write a short story to go with it!

I just bought another five. See what you think? It's hard not to be inspired, right?