Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Member Of The Kindle Million Club

A third author has just joined the Kindle one million sales club. It’s romance writer Nora Roberts who has now sold 1,170,539 Kindle books, both under her own name and under her suspense-oriented alter-ego, J.D. Robb.

The first writer to pass the one million mark on Kindle was the late Stieg Larsson, author of the “Millennium” series (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” etc.).

He was followed by American thriller writer James Patterson though personally I wouldn’t include him as he has so many co-writers. JP is a franchise rather than a writer and with 60 plus books in print he has an obvious advantage over those authors like myself who insist on writing their own books!

So who is going to be next into the Kindle Million Club? I’d guess Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris who have both sold more than half a million of their vampire novels. Dan Brown would have been there if the Kindle had been up and running a few years earlier.

So which of the Indies are likely to be the first to break the one million sales mark? It’s almost certainly going to be 26-year-old writer of vampire romance novels, Amanda Hocking, assuming that the genre doesn’t run out of steam. Actually I think it will but there’s probably enough momentum to get her above the million mark. Last month Amanda sold more than 100,000 copies, mainly in the US.

I’ve sold just over 80,000 copies in two months in the UK alone and that’s not including sales of my Hodder and Stoughton novels. If I carry on at this rate (and I’m actually not assuming that I will because things can change very quickly in ePublishing) then I’ll pass the one million mark in about 20 months!

An indie writer by the name of Derek J. Canyon (see his blog HERE) has compiled a list of the top-selling Indie writers in December. I have the number two spot, which is not bad going. The list was compiled by Derek and Robin Sullivan. I’m not sure how inclusive it is because it includes UK indie writer Lexi Revellian at 4000+ but doesn’t include Stephen Davison who’s Kill&Cure outsells Lexi’s Remix.

Blake Crouch - 2500+
Nathan Lowell - 2500+
Beth Orsoff - 2500+
Sandra Edwards - 2500+
Vianka Van Bokkem - 2500+
Maria Hooley - 2500+
C.S. Marks - 2500+
Lee Goldberg - 2500+
Lexi Revellian - 4000+
Zoe Winters - 4000+
Aaron Patterson - 4000+
Bella Andre - 5000+
Imogen Rose - 5000+
Ellen Fisher - 5000+
Tina Folsom - 5000+
Terri Reid - 5000+
David Dalglish - 5000+
Scott Nicholson - 10,000+
J.A. Konrath 10,000+
Victorine Lieske - 10,000+
L.J. Sellers - 10,000+
Michael R. Sullivan - 10,000+
H.P. Mallory - 20,000+
Selena Kitt - 20,000+
Stephen Leather - 40,000+
Amanda Hocking - 100,000+

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  1. Stephen, thanks for mentioning my blog post. The list is very incomplete, as it was compiled first by Robin from authors she knows about, then other authors added their info to a post on So, if there are any other authors out there who should be on the list, let me know.