Monday, September 12, 2011

The Basement Still Selling Well....

The Basement is still riding high in the charts, even though the price has gone back to 99p compared with its Amazon promotional price of 49p for the past six months. I'm happy enough with the 99p price.

The Basement has been at Number 3 in the charts for the past week, which is pretty good going considering it has been on sale for ten months now. I'm averaging 520 sales a day to maintain the Number 3 position. I think Amazon sales are generally down as six months ago it took sales of closer to 800 to get into the Top 3.

In two months time AmazonEncore will take over the publication of The Basement, and my vampire book Once Bitten. It's going to be interesting to see how many they sell.

Here's what the Bookseller said today -

Thanks to the big screen success of One Day, David Nicholls' e-book remains comfortably at the top of our e-bestseller list. One Day has been in the Kindle chart for nearly 400 days, very impressive for an e-book priced at £4.99.

John Le Carré's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy enters out Top 10 strongly at number 6. The highly acclaimed film with a stellar cast is due to toll out acrss UK cinemas this week. Le Carré looks set for a healthy stay in the e-book charts and the only book likely to knock David Nicholls off the top spot in the coming weeks.

Scott Mariani, an early adopter of the agressively priced e-book has had massive success with his series. The 5th and 6th books from him in the mould of Dan Brown.

Whilst the cheap-as-chips promotional tactic also pays off for Malcolm Welshman's 'rollicking story of eccentric animals' Pets in a Pickle. This enters our charts at number 4 thanks to very strong sales in the Kindle chart priced at 99p.

Pos Title Author
1 (1) One Day David Nicholls
2 (8) A Game of Thrones George R R Martin
3 (2) The Alchemist's Secret Scott Mariani
4 (-) Pets in a Pickle Malcolm Welshamn
5 (4) The Basement Stephen Leather
6 (-) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy John Le Carré
7 (10) Second Son Lee Child
8 (3) Confessions of a GP Benjamin Daniels
9 (6) Cold Kill Neil White
10 (5) Three Weeks to Say Goodbye C J Box


  1. Oh dear...I couldn't get past the misspelling of Marina del Rey. California resident here.

  2. Ha ha. I think you meant to post this on another blog entry! Marine Del Ray isn't really a spelling mistake, is it? It has the capital 'D' rather than a lower case 'd' because where I'm using it it's a heading so all the first letters of a the words are capped. I would have written "Bay Of Pigs" for instance, or "Isle Of Man". Still, it's an early draft so I'll talk to my editor. Such a pity you couldn't get past that to read it because it's a cracker of a book......