Monday, November 26, 2012

My New Erotic Short Story

I've just finished writing my new Jack Nightingale supernatural novel, Nightshade, which should be in the shops next April.  As always when I get to the end of a novel my creative juices are flowing so I immediately sat down and wrote a short story which I've just published as an eBook.  Called The Threesome it's about a man who longs for a threesome with his wife and another girl, and what happens to his life when he gets his wish.  I had fun writing it!

I often get asked about writers block - I think the trick is always to have several projects on the go, like short stories, so that if you dry up on your main work you can switch over to something else for a day or two.  I have at least three more short stories on the backburner, and on the rare occasions that I dry up I get stuck into them!

You can buy it HERE in the US.

And HERE in the UK.

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