Thursday, March 26, 2015

Once Bitten On Sale for Just £1

Amazon have slashed the price of my vampire book Once Bitten to just £1 for the Kindle.  I'm not sure why or how long the promotion will last but that's the price at the moment!


In just a couple of days the promotion has made Once Bitten the top-selling Kindle book in the Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires category! (The number two is the Zombies Survival Manual, which is a fun book that I bought myself a few months ago. I love it!)

Amazon recently did another price promotion for my New York thriller, The Basement. I'm never quite sure what it is they do to promote the price cuts but it always seems to work - The Basement shot up into the UK Top 100 despite the fact that it was first published as an eBook more than four years ago!

The Once Bitten promotion came out of the blue, but I am currently in the middle of another one-month long Amazon promotion that I was expecting. They contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to take part in a cut-price Kindle promotion featuring my book Spider Shepherd SAS - Volume 1.

The book is a collection of six of my Spider Shepherd SAS short stories, set back in the days when he was still a special forces trooper.  YOU CAN BUY IT BY CLICKING HERE

In my opinion you'd be crazy to turn down any offer Amazon makes to promote your work so I jumped at the chance.  The book has been selling at £2.99 (which I think is a very fair price for 80,000 or so words).  Under the Amazon deal, they cut the price to 99p.  Now, the downside is I only get paid based on the 99p price rather than the regular price, but the upside is that Amazon will promote the book. They have now started doing that and I'm already seeing an upsurge in sales.

Where I hope it will really help me is that there is a second volume of Spider Shepherd SAS short stories. If the promotion works, hopefully a lot of people who buy the first volume at 99p will return to buy the second at £2.99. I shall keep you posted!

Anyway, go Amazon. I'm a big fan. Obviously! But not everyone is, unfortunately. In fact some writers go out of their way not to publish with Amazon, which I really don't understand.  Take Suw Charman-Anderson, for example. She touts herself as a self-publishing and social media guru but I find that most of what she says is absolute tosh.

She refuses to do business with Amazon, the biggest outlet for self-published books in the world. I sell more than 90 per cent of my self-published eBooks through Amazon. But Suw Charman-Anderson won't let them sell her work.  That's nonsense and anyone who follows her lead would find their self-publishing career stalling before it even started to take off. This is what she said recently, and it's nonsense.

In fact Suw Charman-Anderson's foray into self-publishing has been so disastrous she recently announced that she was giving up selling her books. You can read about that BY CLICKING HERE.

I'm not the only one who thinks that Suw Charman-Anderson's advice isn't up to scratch - YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE.

The simple fact is that anyone who is serious about self-publishing has to work with Amazon. You'd be crazy not to!

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